Huobi Launch Crypto Exchange Builder-Cloud
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The Huobi Exchange has announced the launch of a new platform Huobi Cloud, through which users will be able to built crypto-exchanges. According to Huobi, more than 10 international companies have already become partners of Huobi Cloud. They will be able to integrate the order management and wallets system, as well as mechanisms for asset management and clearing of Huobi Global platform.

Huobi Cloud provides solutions in four areas: exchange, OTC, operational and ecosystem. The exchange solution includes services related to tokens, the separation of hot and cold wallets, a mechanism for warning of risks, and so on.

The over-the-counter solution is designed to conclude transactions between such currencies as the US dollar, the Hong Kong dollar, the Chinese yuan and on the one hand, and bitcoin, ether, Tether, etc. - on the other.


1. By creating such platforms, Huobi shares experience with all members of the blockchain ecosystem. Such solutions contribute to the further development of the industry and ensure the mutually beneficial participation of all its representatives, according to Huobi Group.

2. Huobi is actively looking into possibilities of using distributed ledger technology and cloud computing that is tailored to the financial services, the Internet of things (IoT) and the scope of logistics. Especially for this, the company in late June entered into an agreement with JD Cloud, a division of China's largest online retailer JD Group.

By Ekaterina Ulyanova

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