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About the Catalog of brokers: The ratings are based on traders' reviews. We strongly encourage you to read the reviews before opening an account. If you already have experience working with a broker, please share it with others. Some of the ratings and reviews below were originally published at
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Name Rating Platforms Markets
4.35(384) MT4, WebTrader Shares, Indices, CFD, Forex
4.00(364) MT5, MT Mobile, MT4 CFD, Forex
3.95(113) MT4, Trade Copier Indices, Futures, CFD, Forex
3.79(371) MT4, MT Mobile, WebTrader Indices, Forex, CFD
3.79(217) MT4 Forex
3.76(120) Myfxbook, MT Mobile, MT5, MT4 Indices, CFD, Binary Options, Forex
3.73(123) MT4 Indices, CFD, Forex
3.43(164) MT5, cTrader, MT Mobile, MT4 Indices, Forex
3.39(195) MT4, MT Mobile Stocks, Indices, Futures, Bonds, Forex
3.39(113) MT5, MT Mobile, MT4 Forex, Binary Options
3.34(112) Myfxbook, MT Mobile, MT4, cTrader Indices, CFD, Forex
3.32(126) MT4, MT Mobile, cTrader, WebTrader, Myfxbook, cMirror, FXSTAT Metals, Indices, CFD, Forex
3.22(69) MT4, Currenex, cTrader, Myfxbook, Trade Copier Indices, ETFs, Equities, CFD, Forex
3.16(90) MT4, MT Mobile Forex
3.13(150) WebTrader, Signal Trader, Myfxbook, cTrader, MT Mobile, MT5, MT4 Indices, CFD, Forex
3.12(40) MT Mobile Forex, Binary Options
3.09(116) WebTrader, Myfxbook, MT5, MT Mobile, MT4 Indices, Binary Options, Forex
3.06(119) MT5, MT Mobile, MT4 Forex, CFD
3.05(198) MT5, cTrader, MT4 Shares, Indices, Futures, CFD, Forex
3.04(515) MT4, Mirror Trader CFD, Forex
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